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About Ganga

Ganga Hoogendoorn


Guide and Coach of the Prana Process

Founder Transformative Yoga

Teacher Course in Miracles

End of Life Carer

Expert Indian Culture

To sketch an image of Ganga you should go back to her youth. Ganga says the following about it:

“I was aware of God at a young age. My mother was strictly Catholic - my father atheist - and her devotion had an appeal to me as a child. My devotion was with Mary and Jesus. The children's drawings kept from my childhood are all about Jesus. All. I also went to church daily - voluntarily. At a young age, I was a lot in prayer. For example, if an accident happened on the street, I prayed for the people involved, and I still do that. That came from within and I considered that as normal. And when I went to sleep in the evening, I kept myself awake because I was visualizing how I thought heaven looked like.”

Curiosity and the willingness to take action has always been used in her self-research. It has led to various courses, residences, professions and qualifications.

Ganga Hoogendoorn (Haarlem, 3-5-1956) is mystic, yogini, yoga teacher, masseuse, counselor, astrologist, teacher of a Courses in Miracles, Sai Baba devotee, founder of transformative yoga (a whole new form of yoga) author, guide and coach in the prana process, spiritual leader, support of many, autodidact in several ways, famous with many Masters and spiritual leaders at home and abroad, expert of Indian culture, religion and mysticism.

Currently she mainly offers massage, counseling, yoga, meditation and guidance of the prana process.

Ganga has 6 children, 12 grandchildren and lives with her husband in Diemen.

Ganga Hoogendoorn
Pioneer of a possible future
13 March 2017 - in Dutch

Divine Mother and Guru for many.
Deviamma is in my life since 1996.
Step by step Deviamma guided me and made me aware of my inner knowing.

She is the power that made it possible to extend Love and to share knowledge.

My heartfelt gratitude goes on;
Guru Agasthya, Amma Kaveri,
Sathya Sai Baba, Vasantha Grandmother, Jesus and All Other Masters.

Deviamma singing ॐ Ganesha Mantra & Kavacham

Song for healing and protection.

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