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Prana and
detox weeks

Prana 21-days:  


April 1 - 22, May 20 - June 10, June 24 - July 15.

​Prana 8-days:

December 4 - 12

December 15 - 23,

January 5 - 13, February 9 - 17,

March 1 - 9, March 22 - 30,

April 12 - 20, May 10 - 18,

May 31 - June 8, June 14 - 22,

July 5 - 1

Incl. monthly counseling afterwards (12 times online for six months)

Detox weeks: 

data on request

incl. yogaclasses, coaching, meditation. 

The 21-day Prana Process is a highly transformative process that makes you aware of your nutrition (food and energy/light).

Subtle Pranayama Course on-line

each month (11 x)
March 17, April 21 and May 26 


the other classes will be announced at a  later stage.


Costs: € 475 (total)

Registration: € 100




Pranayama on a subtle level is much more powerful than pranayama by breath.

It activates and strenghtens the insight and control of subtle energy, it balances the Shiva- and Shakti energy and thus entails balance and healthiness on the physical level as well.

The first pranayama needs to be executed for a period of three months so the nadi’s (energy channels) can be cleansed. After this three month period the other pranayama’s will be carried out in a way each time more subtle and eventually to a causal level.

yoga intensive (advanced)

January 21,

February 25,

March 24,

April 14 april,

May 19,

June 16

and July 7.

from 11.00 - 17.00u

Location: Sai Mithra yoga Amsterdam

Costs: € 98



Yoga intensive for graduates and advanced students:

yoga / pranayama / meditation.

Yoga intensives



Pranayama Intensive
Saturday January 10
12.00-18.00 hrs.
Costs: € 98
Location: Sai Mithra yoga



Saturday February 24

We meet for self-examination, contemplation and meditation. Questions can be asked here.

13.00-17.00 hrs.

Costs: € 35
Location: Sai Mithra yoga

Transformative Teaching

Online teachings (in Dutch)  

A Course in Miracles related

Costs (online or recording): € 12,50

Live teaching:

December 3
10.00 - 12.00 hrs.

Massage course
for beginners

to be announced

Learn to give a healing massage based on intuition and awareness. Techniques as pressure points / Shiatsu, Ayurveda and Rolfing are used.

Massage course
for advanced


to be announced



Learn to give a healing massage based on intuition and awareness. Techniques as pressure points / Shiatsu, Ayurveda and Rolfing are used.

Private yoga class

by appointment

transformatieve-yoga06 edit.jpg

The lesson is focussed on your personal practice and possibilities. A subtle way of guiding and correcting of the yoga postures. 

Costs: € 85 per hour

Massage & counseling

By appointment

Massage to recognize and heal pain and blockages. During the counseling you can look at personal situations in a transformative way.

Regular yoga classes


Online (via Zoom)

Every Thursday from 20:00 -


Costs: € 50 per month or € 15 per clas

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