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Prana and
detox weeks

Prana 21-days:  

September 29 - October 

January 8 - 29 2024, April 1 - 22,

May 20 - June 10, June 24 - July 15.

Costs: € 3.750 incl. counseling afterwards (12 times online for one year)

Prana 8-days:

September 18 - 26, 

November 17 - 25, 

December 4 - 12

December 15 - 23,

January 5 - 13, February 9 - 17,

March 1 - 9, March 22 - 30,

April 12 - 20, May 10 - 18,

May 31 - June 8, June 14 - 22,

July 5 - 1

Costs : € 1.950 incl. Counseling afterwards (12 times online for one year)

Detox weeks: 

data on request

incl. yogaclasses, coaching, meditation. Costs:  € 975

The 21-day Prana Process is a highly transformative process that makes you aware of your nutrition (food and energy/light).

Trip to Puttaparthi,


25 October - 3 November

Puttaparthi is a very transformative place with a high frequency.


After my many yoga trips of the past 20 years, this is the only place in India where I will still lead groups. The 10-day programme is filled with temple visit, yoga and teaching with individual guidance, where needed. During the 10 days there are two free days with the possibility to visit ancient temples and forest.

The costs are 950 Euro for yoga and guidance. Other costs such as airline ticket, hotel, transport, etc. are not included. Hotel is 20 - 30 Euro per night. Hotel and transportation will be organized.

Register by means of a deposit at the sum of 200 Euro.

Yoga intensives



Practicing yoga, pranayama and meditation under guidance of Ganga.

18-19-20 August 
Location: Sai Mithra
11.30 - 18.00
Costs 3 days: € 275

single day: € 98

Massage course
for beginners

to be announced

Learn to give a healing massage based on intuition and awareness. Techniques as pressure points / Shiatsu, Ayurveda and Rolfing are used.

Subtle Pranayama Course on-line


Sundays 20.30 hrs,
June 11, September 3, October 8, November 12, December 17.
2024 4 clases to be announced.

Costs: € 475 (total)

Registration: € 100




Pranayama on a subtle level is much more powerful than pranayama by breath.

It activates and strenghtens the insight and control of subtle energy, it balances the Shiva- and Shakti energy and thus entails balance and healthiness on the physical level as well.

The first pranayama needs to be executed for a period of three months so the nadi’s (energy channels) can be cleansed. After this three month period the other pranayama’s will be carried out in a way each time more subtle and eventually to a causal level.

Transformative Teaching

Online teachings (in Dutch)  

A Course in Miracles related

Costs (online or recording): € 12,50

Live teaching:

September 10 

October 1

November 12

December 3
10.00 - 12.00 hrs.

yoga intensive (advanced)

Sundays September 3, October 8 and December 10

from 11.00 - 17.00u

Location: Sai Mithra yoga Amsterdam

Costs: € 98



Yoga intensive for graduates and advanced students:

yoga / pranayama / meditation.

Massage course
for advanced


to be announced



Learn to give a healing massage based on intuition and awareness. Techniques as pressure points / Shiatsu, Ayurveda and Rolfing are used.

Private yoga class

by appointment



The lesson is focussed on your personal practice and possibilities. A subtle way of guiding and correcting of the yoga postures. 

transformatieve-yoga06 edit.jpg
Massage & counseling

By appointment

Massage to recognize and heal pain and blockages. During the counseling you can look at personal situations in a transformative way.

Regular yoga classes


Online (via Zoom)

Every Thursday from 20:00 -


Costs: € 50 per month or € 15 per clas

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