Caveri Foundation

interview met Ganga Hoogendoorn
22 november 2016

This October / November 2019 I am in India. Every year I collect money for a group of underprivileged children. Their school fees and costs must be paid. It’s all about 20 children whose costs for studies are between € 300 - € 500.


At this moment I need your support to get these children to go to school and college. We are short of money and really worried!

Donations large and small are welcome. Studies are paid and taken care for directly through me. Every year I meet the studying children.

Caveri Foundation

The Caveri Foundation was established in 2002 and is taking care of children in India. We collect money to make it possible for disadvantaged children to go to school. These are children from families of which the parents do not earn enough money to pay for the school for the children as well as orphans.


There are currently 20 children under our care. A number of these children are still in primary school, some children attend secondary or higher education. By the way, when the children go to secondary or higher education, the costs of the schools increase considerably. If it is necessary for children to stay at school internally, we will take care of these costs and the costs of transport to and from school.


The foundation is completely dependent on donations, gifts from private individuals and companies. The work for the Caveri foundation is voluntary. The money raised goes directly and exclusively to the children’s education. There is no profit motive.


If you want to make a donation you can do so: Account number IBAN: NL26 ABNA 0625 2782 91 t.v. Caveri Foundation. This can be done once or monthly.

For more information you can contact Ganga Hoogendoorn ( or Arthur Bonarius (