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Transform all thoughts based on fear into love

Ganga Hoogendoorn


Founder Transformative Yoga

About Ganga

Already at a young age, Ganga was aware of God. Her curiosity caused her to investigate everything that came about her. This way she came into contact with many Masters and spiritual leaders at home and abroad. Self-examination is central to the whole new form of yoga she has developed: Transformative Yoga. In addition to yoga, Ganga is engaged in guiding the Prana process, learning to nourish yourself on a different level, that of light.

Ganga Hoogendoorn Prana Yogi Transformatieve Yoga Meditatie Amsterdam
Transformative Yoga

The purpose of this form of yoga is transformation: moving from 'fear' to 'love'. It is a process which can be applied in every situation. To do this, it requires you to become aware of the value you give to your thoughts and emotions.

Tranformatieve Yoga en Meditatie Amsterdam
The Prana Process


It is possible to live from Prana; or light. By living from Prana you become aware of the nutrition you take. This is not just about physical nutrition, but also about emotional, mental and spiritual nutrition. You will learn to become aware of this during the Prana Process.

Lotus, Transformatie Yoga Meditatie Amsterdam Ganga Hoogendoorn Prana Proces
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