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Lecture Ganga

Ganga Hoogendoorn prana yogi.png

Sunday 5 May

2.00 PM - 3:30 PM

hall opens at 2:30 PM


Meridiaan College Het Nieuwe Eemland,

Daam Fockemalaan 12,

3818 KG Amersfoort

lotus bloem, Satsang, meditatie, Ganga Hoogendoorn

On 5 May Ganga Hoogendoorn will give a lecture in the Meridiaan College Het Nieuwe Eemland in Amersfoort.


"I liberate the world from all that I have given her". (lesson 132)

How do I wake up from the dream? The Course in lesson 132 says that there is no world because it is a thought separate from God.
Let us free ourselves from every thought that really makes this world. Freeing the world from any kind of pain means that you only have to change your thinking about yourself. Forgiveness brings a cured mind.

How do we move from fear to Love? Let us no longer want a world that is based on fear. I could see peace instead (lesson 34)
I invite you to wake up!

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