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Prana Process

To live on Prana or Light is possible.

Twenty years ago I met Jasmuheen and she inspired me. I found Jasmuheen merry, lively and humorous. She was also clear and meditative. It has led me to do the 21-day Prana process in 2012 in Brazil.

The initiation is a 21 days process. In these 21 days you switch from physical nourishment to Prana (Light nourishment).

The first week consists of fasting (as well as not drinking). The second week is to liberate oneself of thoughts/beliefs and patterns. The last week is to adjust to a higher frequency.

This process is transforming. The movement is from fear to Love. An intense self-examination, that you undergo in absolute silence. During the process you will be individually supervised.

As for me, the process has meant a lot to me. Prana's life makes you aware of the nutrition you take. This is not just about physical nutrition, but also about emotional, mental and spiritual nutrition. You will be aware of this during the process.

I experience(d) this process continues after the 21 day process. It's a big leap in transformation, in getting more conscious.

Many people who have done the Prana process decide to eat again. Nevertheless, that is always different than before.

Because the Prana process means a lot to me, I want to enable people doeing this process and guide them.

With dedication I offer a 21 day Prana process. According to planning and on request for one or more persons.

I gained experience in leading the Prana process as from 2014, (since then at least one 21 days process yearly, often more). Guidance is based on individual needs. Yoga classes can be attended in the second and third week. On request it is possible to have a  massage.

If you would like more information, please send me an email.

Do you want to know if you are able to do the prana process? The pdf link hereunder will show a list of questions that may answer this question.

Life of Light
interview with Ganga Hoogendoorn
22 November 2016
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