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Prana & Detox weeks


It is possible to live from Prana. This is also called the life of light.

Doing the Prana process or dry fasting is a transformative process. It provides insights and frees you from the past (concepts). You are guided by energy of a higher vibration, which you can also call guidance from Masters and Angels. You will know how to feed and behave during the 21 days of the process.

The Prana process makes you aware of the nutrition that nourishes you. This is not only about physical nutrition, but also about emotional, mental and spiritual nutrition.

I experience that this process continues even after the 21 day process. It is a major leap in transformation, in becoming aware. Many people who have done the Prana process decide to eat again. Yet that is always different than before.


There is now a permanent location in the Netherlands and processes are always offered with a minimum of 2 people (also on request).

If you are interested, I can send a questionnaire, this list gives you insight whether or not the prana process is suitable for you.

Detox week

During the Prana weeks it is possible to sign up for a detox week, there is always a room available. This week you fast on juice, if necessary light food. every day possible to do yoga under supervision. During the week you can walk in the beautiful nature. The location for group weeks is in Leur (Gelderland).

If you have any questions, or you would like to participate, please write me an email:

Experience participant
Prana Proces​s

My experiences with the 21-day Prana Process of Ganga Hogendoorn, Santuari de Cura, Randa, Mallorca, Spain, September 2014.

In September 2014 I participated in the 21 days Prana Process in a monastery in Mallorca, headed by Ganga Hoogendoorn.
Before I started the process, I had the intention and stated that I wanted purification at all levels. In addition, I went into the process with as few expectations as possible regarding the outcome of the process, especially with regard to the no longer eating.

The process itself was very well done thanks to Ganga Hoogendoorn who accompanied the group. She has made it possible to pay attention to not only the physical process but also to the emotional and spiritual process without being in the foreground and always in silence and in love. In addition, Ganga can feel exactly through which processes the students go.

The 21 days in Mallorca have been of particular importance to me. Ultimately, it has delivered a greater awareness and continues to work through until today. Currently I eat 1/3 of what I used to ate. It may be that I'm going to eat more or less in the future, I do not know. More important to me is that I gained insight into my patterns and thinking processes and that there has been a huge purification in physical, emotional and spiritual field.

I can imagine that the 21-day Prana Process is not self-evident to all. I have noticed that many people are afraid of or even angry when they come into contact with them. If you are prepared for a certain form of surrender, and you are curious, then it is a logical step in your development which I can heartily recommend.

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