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Transformative Yoga

The purpose of this form of yoga is transformation: the movement from 'fear' to 'love'. This is a process that can be practically applied in every situation. This requires you to become aware of the value you give to your thoughts and emotions. When you become aware of this, you also get the opportunity to make a choice. In this way, you can choose for the power of love, or God.


Yoga postures work on certain chakras or energy centers in your body. These chakras have specific properties. For example, certain emotions or thoughts are characteristic of a chakra. Every person has many experiences and thought patterns. By doing yoga postures, these experiences and thoughts can be released. In the transformative yoga, we work consciously during the performance of the postures, consciousness is worked with the respiration and looked at the thoughts that occur. Thoughts based on fear or judgment are corrected to thoughts based on love.

You can practise transformative yoga at:

  • Sai Mithra Amsterdam

  • Sai Mithra Bussum

  • Ubuntu Amsterdam

  • Sai Mithra France

  • Sai Mithra Mallorca

  • Sai Mithra Portugal

The book "Transformative Yoga" now available!

in Dutch

Written by Ganga Hoogendoorn and 

Willemke Stilma 

"Yogi for Life" by Rob van Drunen
Initiation after the 3-year course in Transformative Yoga
Yesterday I got initiated as a teacher in transformative yoga after a 3 year programma. But how can it be done, since learning yoga is never done? And how can I be a teacher, since I don't know it all? At the beginning of the ceremony our teacher Ganga Hoogendoorn (from Sai Mithra) said "Now you think this is the end, but this is actually only the beginning". That is what I like(d) so much about this school. It is really teaching the true essence of yoga, with strong roots in some of the greatest yoga masters in India and A Course in Miracles. Where I believe many yoga teachers in the West have actually never quite get that.

Yoga is not about all fancy pancy postures and how you perform on the mat. It is about the work you do in your inner world and how you act in the outside (real) world. Or like my own teacher Roos Houniet (from Ubuntu yoga) often said "You can even do yoga if you are in a wheelchair without arms and legs." This makes me think of a nice compliment I once got from a total stranger, who I met while traveling. We were talking a bit about life and then out of the blue he said: "you are probably doing yoga or something right?" This from a guy who has never done anything like it, was quite an interestering remark, to say the least. Well, gratuated or not. Teaching or not. A perfect downward facing dog or not. I will be (practising to be) a yogi for life.
Bring light in every day

with this morning
meditation from India. 

Teaching van Ganga
based on the "Course in Miracles"
Read the interview with Ganga Hoogendoorn
about Transformative Yoga in the Para Visie

In Dutch. Click on the image to read the article.

Video Transformative Yoga
Turned knee-head posture
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